1. summertime on Martha’s Vineyard


  2. lucky me! i got to spend close to 3 weeks at camp jabberwocky this month as a counselor. i learned so much and wish i had more time to be there. it’s a very special place! 


  3. Today was beautiful and surreal. I was invited to Carly Simon's home to have coffee and take pictures of her with her children Sally and Ben Taylor. It was wonderful meeting the iconic singer and her family!


  4. Martha’s Vineyard living the past few days.


  5. Derek Trucks // San Francisco 


  6. Derek Trucks, Maurice Brown and Timothy Lefebvre warming up before their set at McCaw Hall in Seattle.


  7. hot day in the city today!


  8. Had a wonderful time in Mexico this past week shooting Matt + Abby’s wedding!  Here are a few shots. 


  9. Jared Blake Scharff // Saturday Night Live


  10. The Moth // storyteller